Experience the Difference !

Timeless beauty..Endless opportunities

The Nation's Capitol is the heartbeat of the country. Whether on the Hill or within one of the many firms contracted to the Government, DC offers job opportunities unparalleled anywhere else. Move here today, discover tomorrow

Neighborhoods are neighborhoods

The routine of Monday through Friday gives way to festivals and farmers markets and the hustle and bustle of friends, family and neighbors

All work and no play? Not in DC

You put in long hours. It is your career. But let's not overlook the importance of good food, good drink, good friends. Unwinding in DC is available in your neighborhood or across town, near your office or around the corner

Suburbs are nice, but getting there can take time

There is a reason young people are migrating into the city. Nobody wants to spend up to two hours or more each day commuting to work. City residents walk, bike or use the Metro and enjoy the home they bought

Playing Ball on the Mall

Thousands of DC residents spend quality weekend time playing ball on the Mall. There are softball fields, football fields, soccer pitches and kickball fields. After the games are done, most migrate to one of the many "watering holes" nearby.

Listening and Learning is a two-way street

Search available homes now. No sign in required

Homes come on the market every day. They go off the market every day as well. Why spend time searching old information, when you use the most current information available. This is your direct link to up-to-date information

Whole Foods Markets

You want a grocery within walking distance. Not just any old market, you want to be able to buy quality food from a well known brand. There are a several in DC and you may want to start your home search nearby

Getting Around Town in DC

There are many options to get from here to there in DC. From walking to biking to a car or a subway, it is all here. It is really nice to have so many choices and they are all at your fingertips.

What do people like you say about me?

It is easy to claim you are number one. It doesn't really mean a lot to be int he top 1% in the country. What does matter is how people just like you feel they have been treated. There isn't much I can say except - Thank You
You deserve to be heard. You deserve to have your questions answered. You deserve to be treated with respect. I am the professional and you expect me to listen, answer questions and be respected. Well that is the way I do business. Give me a call and let's discuss your real estate needs. 301-509-5111