Home For Sale Glen Echo Heights

5313 Wapakoneta Road


There are one million reasons to own this home, and each one is worth a dollar

How do you really place a value on the place where you live? Oh, when you are growing up, it is priceless. It is the place where nurturing occurs and dreams are born. Your parents offered that place.  You learned to walk and talk, you learned to love and be loved. Then you ventured out and went to school and traveled and vacationed … and returned. It was home.

Then you ventured out on your own. Maybe a dorm or shared apartment was your new residence. It was where you learned to play nice, work hard and balance responsibilities.  At some point, you took another step or two and became a home owner. It does not matter if it was a little condo or town house or a detached single family home, it was YOURS. It was a place where  you learned how to own, how to maintain and began to grasp the wonderful power of the bundle of rights of ownership. You may have also discovered that the wine spilled on a carpet was a big deal and that the answer to the question “who you gonna call?” when a sink leaked or toilet stopped up was that person you saw in the mirror.

Today is a different day. Today you are ready. It is your time to lay the groundwork for tomorrows dreams. One of the most well read books in history shares this truism “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.  Yes, it is your time to move forward and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The struggles of youth and just finding something you can afford have been replaced with the comfort of knowing you can choose any home, any where to be yours.

Regardless of how narrow your needs list may be, the answer is found here.  You need space? This home offers over 2,500 square feet of living area. You need a den/study/home office? This home has a large 12 foot by 14 foot room on the main floor (with an adjacent full bath). You need large bedrooms?  This home has 3 upstairs that all measure 14 feet by 14 feet. You want a Master Suite? Well, this home has the got the grand daddy of Master Suites. Measuring 16 feet by 24 feet with a large walk in closet and master bath. It also has a wood burning fireplace. (Now that is a Master’s Master Suite). Regardless of your personal need for schools, the schools located near a home always impact the value.  Take a moment and check out the information on Wood Acres Elementary , Thomas W Pyle Middle , and Walt Whitman High School . Those are just the nearby public schools, there are several private schools in the area as well.

Every house is not for every one. Everyone has a top end price point based on their financial situation. Those that don’t blink at 7 figures, those that have reached that stage where that can comfortably buy “the one”, those are the people that will find this house – home. Not only will they enjoy the freedom of the space but they also will spend lazy afternoons in the landscaped yard and comfortable evenings dining at one of the many nearby eateries.

And along the way, if circumstances allow, they just might set the stage for nurturing, loving and creating the springboard for dreams for another generation.

If you fit the description, if you are ready, if now is the time …. fill out the form, all replies will be held confidential.

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