DC Neighborhoods

Washington, DC has many distinct neighborhoods. From Chevy Chase to the north, Georgetown to the west, the Waterfront to the south, the Navy Yard to the east, DC has something for everyone.

Home styles vary from the splendor of mansion like homes along Massachusetts Avenue to the row houses found throughout the middle of the city to lovely old homes on Capitol Hill. Condos are found throughout the downtown area.

The city has parks, including a national treasure, Rock Creek Park that runs from the upper northwest to the banks of the Potomac at the Tidal Basin.

Most parts of the city are connected by the Metrorail system. Those Metro stops are part of an mass transit system that includes Metro buses and a new trolley car line.

Follow the appropriate links to the neighborhoods listed (if you click on the Neighborhoods tab at the top of the page, a drop down menu will list all the neighborhoods) and find more in depth information about those neighborhoods.

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