Foggy Bottom

This is the Foggy Bottom area of Washington DC 

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Foggy Bottom is one of the oldest late 18th and 19th-century neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. The area is thought to have received the name because its riverside location made it susceptible to concentrations of fog and industrial smoke, an atmospheric trait that did not prevent the neighborhood from becoming the original location of the United States Naval Observatory. Foggy Bottom is west of downtown Washington, in the Northwest quadrant, bounded roughly by 17th Street to the east, Rock Creek Parkway to the west, Constitution Avenue to the south, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the north.

The heart and soul of Foggy Bottom is not the Watergate complex. The area is not defined by the Pan American Health Organization or the World Bank. Sure, those places are in Foggy Bottom, but the real core of the area is the George Washington University.

Every season is filled with sidewalks full of students. Under Grads and Post Grads moving back and forth from one hall to another. Streets lined with small shops and restaurants surround the campus. Colonial Power is in full sway in Foggy Bottom. And it suits the area well.

foggy bottom

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Foggy Bottom is very close to the shops and restaurants located in nearby Georgetown. The area also features easy access to the Watergate Hotel complex, several embassies as well as Rock Creek Park and the Potomac River. There are areas for outdoor activities throughout nearby Rock Creek Park.  Many locals enjoy watching the skull races on the river, while others simply take in the magnificent change of seasons on the Potomac.

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