Marine Barracks

Welcome to the Marine Barracks.

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Marine Barracks Washington, also known as “8th & I,” is the oldest active post in the Marine Corps. Located on the corners of 8th & I streets in southeast Washington, D.C., the Barracks supports both ceremonial and security missions in the nation’s capitol.

What you don’t know about 8th and I…it is home to some of the finest indoor and outdoor dining in the city. That’s right, 8th St SE has more than “jarheads” strolling by. It is a veritable plethora of culinary delights from around the world. The scent of dishes ,Balkan, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Euro fusion, Turkish, Italian, Greek and Irish waft through the air. Seeking something more jingoistic? Louisiana, Texas, New York and DC all have spots as well. So take in the pomp and ceremony as the sun sets, then stroll up the block and eat your heart out. Barracks Row is the place to go.

The selection of the location of the Marine Barracks in Washington was of national and strategic interest. President Thomas Jefferson accompanied by the second commandant of the Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel William Ward Burrows, searched for a suitable location to station the Marines within close proximity to the Washington Navy Yard and within “an easy marching distance of the Capitol.”

Today, the area is undergoing constant gentrification with neighborhoods being revitalized by renovation and newcomers. There is shopping and eateries throughout the area.

To see homes currently on the market in this area SEARCH HERE.

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